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«Anon :
22 Jun 2010 10:59:26pm
Last time I checked, a lack of conviction DOES mean innocence. Or are we talking about different legal systems here? Or are you implying that justice only occurs when *you* agree with the judge's decision? Independence and sovereignty are established issues of international law. And it is through these things which Israel claims the land it holds. If you think that these rules don't apply, you need to come up with a better legal argument then "I don't like it".
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My (so far not published) input:

«duck, weave & dissemble

This's no Darlinghurst courtroom; the audience in 'our' AusBC's forums is mainly the mums'n dads of Awe-Straya and any nippers allowed up late. (Lawyers are about as scanty as men in frocks on the outer Barcoo...)

So I will stick to the vernacular.

It's not what one abhors but what's *right & fair* that counts.

Exactly which part of "no conviction does *not* mean innocent" is not to understand?

Viewers of Perry Mason will recall that suspects are *assumed* innocent - until their conviction.

'No conviction' obtains *only* because the perpetrators have not yet fronted the charges against them, here improper and aggressive alienation of almost an entire country.

Now, 'explain' is different from 'justify.'

Explanation 1: Civil war, 'unilateral' independence.

Explanation 2: Balfour (motive), Jabotinsky (method) Ben-Gurion's arms (means).

'Matter of opinion' perhaps; differentiate by which 'explanation' describes the open-wound crime-scene.

Additionally, they perpetrated plan Dalet, the Deir Yassin massacre, all the death and destruction that accompanied and followed. Oh! One other, tiny *fact*: almost all Zionists in Palestine in '47/8 were immigrants, some more 'legal' than others.

Perhaps someone could thoroughly *justify* the violent dispossession of the hapless Palestinians; the charges stand until disproven.»

Comment: AFAIK, it's all true, or *fair* comments rooted in truths. I said as much to the moderators, via an 'alert:'

«I attempt to make *factual* comments, interspersed with *fact-based* opinions. I submitted a response titled 'duck, weave & dissemble' to this comment at appr 3:51pm, 23 Jun 2010. That was over 5 hours ago now, and I notice that you've published a few comments in the meantime; your 'comment-clock' (i.e. latest comment) stands at 2:46pm. Failing factual error in my comment, would you please be so kind as to publish it, in the name of the good old Aussie "Fair go?"
Thanks in advance, (signed.)»

Result: No visible action.

Comment: The AusBC is 'our' publicly-financed broadcaster; if they refuse to publish some truth, Q: What chances of justice prevailing are there? A: None - or at least fewer via the AusBC.

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So here, my 2nd (so far not published) input:

««The IDF also killed 80 other civilians that day - by close-range shooting, artillery fire, aerial fire and naval fire. Among them were six women and 29 children under the age of 16. Just go to B'Tselem's website and read the list: a 7-year-old boy, a 1-year-old girl, another 1-year-old girl, a 3-year-old boy, a 13-year-old girl.

B'Tselem is careful to differentiate between Palestinians who "took part in the hostilities" and Palestinians who "did not take part in the hostilities." Its list of fatalities states: "Farah Amar Fuad al-Hilu, 1-year-old resident of Gaza City, killed on 04.01.2009 in Gaza City, by live ammunition. Did not participate in hostilities. Additional information: Killed while she fled from her house with her family after her grandfather (Fuad al-Hilu, 62 ) was shot by soldiers who entered the house." The grandfather also did not participate in hostilities.

Or perhaps ... because Riyeh Abu Hajaj, 64, and Majda Abu Hajaj, 37, a mother and daughter, were the only ones killed while carrying a white flag that January 4? No. Matar, 17, and Mohammed, 16, were also killed. They were shot from an IDF position in a nearby house as they pushed a cart carrying the wounded and dead of the Abu Halima family, who were hit by a white phosphorous bomb that penetrated their home in northern Beit Lahiya. Five members of the family were killed on the spot, including a 1-year-old girl. Another young woman would die of her injuries a few weeks later.

Anon: Plan Dalet/Deir Yassin seamlessly continued.»

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Comment: Waiting ... with no 'great expectations.'

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