AusBC continues to censor as Z-crimes also continue

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«"All options!" is how that US threatens Iran - even though making such threats is itself illegal. Israel is not quite so subtle(??!) - it *openly* threatens to attack - similarly illegal. If a force crosses *into* some territory, that's called invasion, and if those invaders go on to dispossesses the erstwhile legal owner/occupants without their permission that's called theft. I had assumed that this was all cleared up latest at Nuremberg but apparently not. The opprobrium is transferable and is occurring, to perpetrators and supporters both. Anon, perhaps you overlooked my "the IAEA sees *NO* evidence?"»

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«Lost? The original *and continuing* 'driver' of this horrid situation is a crime so wide and deep it almost defies comprehension, namely the theft of ½Palestine [wiki/Balfour_Declaration_1917 -> wiki/1947_UN_Partition_Plan]. Clearly, ½ wasn't enough, so they (the invading aliens) went both extremist & terrorist [wiki/Plan_Dalet as typified by wiki/Deir_Yassin_massacre]. They, now 'official' occupiers of the *other* ½Palestine, building illegal 'settlements' = Lebensraum-theft, from pre-'47 right down to today; simply never stop [invade Lebanon 2006, Gaza '08/9, the blockade & latest = act of war on high seas against a NATO-member Turkey, killing NATO civilians - where is the NATO response?] It is quite clear that there can never be peace without justice - and the wicked actions against the ELO/Os reflect on all Israelis who support the vile policies, plus all in the diaspora who do not give their all, attempting to *effectively* object. Israelis & their supporters (see headline article) wail: "Why attack us?" - Apparently forgetting that Israel *caused* the problem 101% itself; IF the aliens had not invaded Palestine [wiki/War_of_aggression], THEN there would be *no problem at all*. Claiming any UN authority is *totally* nullified by (grievously!) violating the same authority's rules.
Disclaimer: Denounce all crimes; support *NO* criminals.»

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