existential threats
 - letter to AusBC unleashed & Fed. Rep.

1. Excess-CO2 caused climate-change catastrophe - could cause irrevocable harm to our once jewel-like planet's human-life supporting ecosphere.

2. Many of the world's economies (including the US) have been ruined by neoliberalism - look at the massive US unemployment, and *no* effective action-programs even being considered to remedy this, plus the EU PIIGS + UK all going broke and being forced into austerity (not to mention the damage being done to Aus, i.e. privatisations of utilities, reducing benefits & services etc.), all *increasing* the downward-spirals.

3. The massive military push by the US to dominated & subjugate the planet (i.e. aggressive invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq & possibly Iran next), and the vicious aggressive invasion, genocide & ethnic cleansing by alien (i.e. not from there) Zionist/Jews in Palestine.

4. The disgustingly craven, corrupt & venal MSM perversely aiding & abetting all the above travesties.


Obviously, effective, corrective action is required soonest - else the expected disaster will be worse when it arrives, and sometime become unavoidable - if not already so; brrr.

5. All those who agitate for *no* change from the status quo *and* all those who impede attempts at change (including those doing nothing), make themselves accessories to the perpetrator-villains of items 2 & 3, easily identified as the US & Z regimes (and entities such as the Aus Lib/Lab bipartisan = un- and anti-democratic quisling-traitors[*]), plus neoliberal *voodoo* economics.

[*] Howard = Afghanistan, Iraq, Rudd continuation of same, Gillard ditto + attacking Assange, *all* pro-Z, *all* pro-neo-liberalism etc., *none* of which is in the public interest, rather against it.


The commenter Orly is the same entity as Anon - from style, content & timing. The name-change was forced by a debating defeat; Anon was repeatedly routed. It is intellectual dishonesty to repeat parts of the defeated material under a new name, just as it is intellectual dishonesty (and worse) for any AusBC moderators to censor attempts at countering such trolls.

A properly functioning democracy requires an informed electorate, *not* helped by pro-war, pro-Z, pro-US and/or pro-neoliberal propaganda. Why do some unleashed moderators compromise their 4th-estate, free-speech responsibilities and put themselves into paragraph(5)?


Musing: IMHO, the best truths are the revealed ones:

Heidegger ... 'disclosedness'; ... Untruth, then, is something concealed or disguised.

... real democracy, whose "currency," said Thomas Jefferson, is "free flowing information."

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