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 'Israeli raid: crimes against humanity?'

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'Target' comment by Anon @ 02Jun'10,8:55pm

Where is the logic in Israel's existence? Easy. Israel unilaterally declared independence.

Then when Israel's neighbours refused to accept its existence, Israel upheld its independence with military force.

Independence does not need an old book, or an invisible friend, in order to occur. So your comment (while insulting to the Jewish faith) was hilariously incorrect.

Independence simply requires strength and intent. Which Israel had. And so it happened.

So much for YOUR logic, such as it was.

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My response, submitted 03Jun'10,3:51pm

«It is totally irrelevant what anyone may say, it's only what Israel does that counts. The intent and effect, if not the modus operandi developed for plan Dalet, demonstrated at Deir Yassin have been continuously applied (and modernised; see missile-firing helicopters etc), from then until now. No declaration nor dressing up (military uniforms) changed the nature or effect of the policy, all one has to do is observe, pictorial proof [.jpg]: tinyurl.com/37wcw2x

Without significant change (for the better), this progression contains the legacy, the present and points to the future - of ever increasing dispossession by one side, ever increasing despair in the other.»

Above did not appear but other, later has;


Of course, having been censored, one gets a bit wary of 'speaking freely,' but there is nothing non-factual in my input, let alone any infraction of the AusBC's published guidelines - they practice brazen and cowardly comment suppression = un- and anti-democratic censorship.

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  1. Above published later, after resubmit. It means that a) the moderation is inconsistent, b) that my content is 'passable' so c) at least one (corrupt!) moderator is rogue-censoring in Z's favour.