Australian Broadcasting Corporation, biased?
 Yes; not to the left - but to buggery!

This so far small, specially constructed blog documents some of the comments that I've submitted to AusBC forums, mainly 'unleashed' - comments that sadly have *not* appeared, i.e. 'publication denied.'

The main topic for censorship is neither bad language nor abuse of other commenters - the 'normal' grounds for moderating an internet discussion. This is totally clear, because I just don't 'do' bad language or ad-homs. On occasion, I may choose to attack, aka criticize *comments* (i.e. the content) of rogue-regime apologists.

Whatever; my main gripe is the criminality and lies of the rogue regimes of the US & IL, and my posts do not shy from criticising these entities, their crimes & lies - as one can see from the material included in this blog.

I try at all times to be factual and am always prepared to 'substantiate' any statement; I describe the 'Israel project' as being driven by invading alien Zionists (shortened to 'Zs,') and their prey as 'erstwhile legal owner/occupants' aka ELO/Os, mainly hapless Palestinians. IMHO this description is not just totally justified but wholly truthful, and should not, in any properly functioning democracy, attract 'publication denied' by the AusBC.

To be censored for expressing such sentiments is un- and anti-democratic, as well as tyrannical - all the while, this rogue AusBC is paid using some of the taxes extracted from my hard-earned income.

Q: Where is my freedom of speech?

A: Denied by the AusBC.

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