message to unleashed moderators and commenters

.. censorship is ...

  .. un- & anti-democratic ...

    .. censors are democracy-criminals


Free speech is an essential part of democracy; only so may we exchange facts and opinions - obvious.

Censorship - of fair comment - happens far too often on unleashed; just once is already damnable. So, message to unleashed moderators: Kindly stop censoring fair comment.

Message to unleashed commenters: IF you post a fair comment to unleashed AND it is censored, THEN you may post your comment here as a comment; if I judge it as 'fair comment' then I will publish it.

A good collection of censored comments may expose the bias of the censoring moderators, and provide evidence to support more serious actions, see below.

(*Unfair* comment would be abuse, extreme ad-homs or silly language, it's just common sense and no one needs it.)

 .. specific requirements and recommendations regarding comments to Unleashed:
  "Comments which the ABC considers to be abusive, defamatory, discriminatory or off-topic, or otherwise unlawful, will not be published." 

Comments based on, and/or responding to already published comments should be allowed, also with some tolerance - that'd only be fair = normal democratic conversation.

In any case, a good next step against unfair AusBC censorship is to take complaint(s) to your local Federal MP.

Another possible next step would be the appropriate ombudsman or state-sponsored legal aid.

All fair comment welcome here - trolls needn't bother.

PS Copies of comments posted to unleashed, never to be seen again = censored, submitted here as a comment should include a) the post-point, b) the unl-thread "name" or number, and c) the approximate comment posting-time.

i.e. Re: Unbeliever@09Jun'11,3:15:56pm on "Prohibiting the use of nuclear weapons," censored comment posted 10Jun'11,3:51am.


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  2. Thank you for your interest, Website Hosting India.

    There are three part-topics here:

    1. Blogger auto-spam - IF a blog is moderated, THEN the publish-decision should be left wholly to the author; *neither* Google, nor Blogger, nor any other agency or robot need fiddle. However, that is not my complaint here.

    Funnily enough, WeHoIn, your comment was put in my spam-folder by Blogger auto-spam - IMHO, none of their eff'n business. (On the other hand, if your comment was made only to publicise your business, then your comment would rightly belong in the bin; I've extended you 'the benefit of the doubt.')

    2. Comment-censorship may occur due to abusive of off-topic material; that is also not my complaint here.

    3. My specific complaint here is the deliberate censorship of topical information, by a presumably human moderator, employed by a publicly-funded 'national' broadcaster. When they censor 'fair comment,' that indicates a) their un- & anti-democratic corruption, and b) their biases, namely here pro-war, pro-US & pro-Zionist - all anti-truth & anti-justice.

    In the case of pro-US & pro-Zionist censorship, this shows treachery.

    In the case of pro-war censorship, this shows inhumanity.

    Only the truth can set us free.