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People who kill other people in cold blood are psychopaths, either by nature ("My mother made me a ...") or by nurture (military training, say).

Someone *may* have hijacked aircraft (the FBI admitted having no proof on ObL, and passports fluttering out of *that* devastation don't pass the 'giggle-test'), but ObL&Co did *not* 'do' 9/11 - unless they had an invitation & free access - to pre-load the *3* WTC towers with high-explosives&detonator-systems. Proof: Find a few clear videos, *watch closely* - and then think a bit.

War is immoral (mostly murdering theft); 'legal' is a corrupt construct.

Our so-called 'democracies' are complete sham; two of many proofs: 1) dumbed-down and lied-to sheople cannot make 'informed' votes & 2) bipartisan = un- & anti-democratic; US, UK & Aus changed from tweedle-dumb to tweedle-dumber but the wars continue. What we actually have are tyrannies-by-stealth, camouflaged by the corrupt&venal MSM.

Laws made amongst 'consenting tyrannies' have no valid application vis-à-vis us, we the sheople; only just law may earn respect.

Since the 'ruling élites' are stand-alone-tyrants like the spoiled-brat sovereigns of old (nothing élite about criminality), if they wish to steal others' resources, they should keep the killing strictly amongst themselves, and leave us, we the sheople, to get on with enjoying life - instead of being lied to, scared shitless, and sent off to wars-for-spoil to personally be killed, or to mass-slaughter 100s of 1000s of innocent 'collaterals.'

Without some clear thinking leading to effective action and soon, our so-called 'ruling elites' will f**k-up our life-supporting ecosphere - and that ain't too flash.

Comment added for this article: AusBC censorship of fair comment proves that they're in it up to their quivering bottom-lips.

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